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(Disclaimer: The images used in the slideshow below are photos of actual Real Real Estate 101 properties or projects.  All rights reserved.)

House Flip - $105,000 Profit After All Costs
4 Bedroom/2 Bath Single Family Home

Rehab Time: 3 Months

Corporate Rental - $1,500 Profit Per Month After All Monthly Costs
3 Bedroom/1 Bath Single Family Home
Subsidized Housing Rental - $900 Profit Per Month After Monthly Costs
3 Bedroom/1.5 Bath Single Family Home
Homebuyer Purchase - Monthly Payment w/Escrow $1,125
Purchase Price $199,900/Down Payment $0/Interest Rate 1.125%/Loan Term 30 Year Fixed

3 Bedroom/2.5 Bath Single Family Home

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Real Real Estate 101 is lead by a visionary leader who is one of the brightest minds in the real estate industry.  With her passion for empowering individuals with knowledge and her unparalleled expertise in the industry, she is dedicated to helping to change lives one real estate transaction at a time.  Through innovative strategies, personalized mentorship, and a commitment to excellence, she is revolutionizing the way we approach real estate education, inspiring countless individuals to achieve their goals.

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