Real Real Estate 101 has a wide range of services designed to educate, empower, and support individuals in various aspects of the real estate industry whether you are an aspiring homebuyer or seasoned investor, we’ve got you covered. Review our core offerings below:

Real Real Estate 101 property Evaluation Services:

Whether you’re buying, selling, or investing, trust our expert evaluation service which provides our clients with accurate assessments and invaluable insights. Contact us today to get started and make informed decisions for your real estate journey.

Single Family Homes up to 1,500sqft: $275.00
Multi-Unit Properties 3 units or less: $400.00
(If your property exceeds the above speficifications, please call for pricing.)

Financial Education and Planning Services:

Financial literacy, workshops, seminars, and advisory services focused on teaching individuals about budgeting, saving, investing, and leveraging real estate as a wealth-building tool for long-term financial success. 

Financial Literacy Consultation Rate: $125.00 per hour
Financial Literacy Events: $150.00 per hour

Real Estate Consulting and Advisory Services:

Professional real estate consulting and advisory services which offers expert guidance, strategic planning, and customized solutions for homeowners, investors, businesses, and organizations seeking to optimize their real estate operations, strategies, investments or expand their portfolios.
Consultation/Advisory Rates Starting at: $250.00 per hour

Real Real Estate 101 Kitchen and Bath design services

Elevate your property’s potential with our bespoke design services. From concept to execution, our team will transform your space into a stunning masterpiece. Ready to bring your vision to life? Contact us today and let’s create something extraordinary together!
Virtual Design Rendering: $175 per room
Virtual Design Rendering with material list: $275 per room
In-person design consultation with samples and virtual renderings: $750 and up (Pricing varies by room size and material samples.) 

real real estate 101 Keynote/Speaking Engagements

Our founder, Dejeanette Flournoy, is available to be booked as a keynote speaker for industry events or for other industry related speaking engagements.  She brings her expertise and unparalleled passion to all of her speaking engagements whether it is as a keynote speaker or if it is in a breakout session. Her focus is on delivering dynamic presentations, offering engaging insights, actionable strategies, and captivating storytelling tailored to the unique needs and interests of the audience. From sharing industry trends and best practices to inspiring and motivating attendees, her absolute goal is to leave a lasting impact and drive positive change within your organization or event.

Please send proposal detailing event information to It should include the following: Event details, audience information, speaker expectations, logistical information, fees and compensation, event promotion, contact information.

real real estate 101 Mentorship and Coaching:

Personalized mentorship and coaching programs providing one-on-one guidance, support, and advice from the Real Real Estate 101 founder which helps individuals navigate challenges, set goals, and start along the path of achieving success as a homeowner or investor. 

Pricing Varies Per Mentorship/Coaching Program. Mentorship/Coaching Program Pricing Starts at $2,500. Please email for mentorship program details.

Real Real Estate 101 Workships, Seminars and Conferences:

Industry events, seminars, conferences, and networking opportunities bringing together real estate professionals, experts, learners to exchange knowledge, share insights, and stay updated on industry information, resources, trends and developments.
Admission/Ticket Prices Posted on Event Schedule Page or Social Media Pages for Each Event.

Online Learning Platforms:

Web-based platforms offering on-demand courses, tutorials, webinars, and educational resources accessible anytime, anywhere for individuals looking to enhance their real estate knowledge and/or skills.

Pricing Varies Per Offering: (Currently Under Construction)